Research Interest

I am interested in the theory and application of Bayesian Statistics. In my Master-Thesis, I worked on the application of Bayesian Hierarchical Models to Meta-Analyses. Currently, I am using Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) for Earthquake models and work on data analysis for dependent time series in a commercial context.


2020/21 Semester 1:
Probability (Tutoring and Marking)

2019/20 Semester 2:
Calculus and its Application (Tutoring and Marking)
Statistics Year 2 (Tutoring and Marking)
Sutton Trust Summer School: Statistics and Machine Learning (Content Creation and Live Session)


Deutsch, I., & Ross, G. J. (2020). ABC Learning of Hawkes Processes with Missing or Noisy Event Times. ArXiv:2006.09015 [Stat]. Under Review.