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  • Different Costs (Part 2)

    Different Costs (Part 2)

    This is the second part of my “Learning from Algorithms” series where we explore what we can learn from algorithms and how to apply this knowledge in our daily lives. You can find the first part on “Input and Output” here. Everything has a cost. Colloquially, this often means money. However, algorithms teach us that…

  • Input/Output (Part 1)

    Input/Output (Part 1)

    Algorithms are everywhere. Usually, us humans teach them what to do and they learn what we prescribe. In this blog series I explore what we can learn from algorithms. I am certain that some of their structures and underlying principles are highly applicable to our daily lives. This is the first part of a weekly…

  • Board Games of 2022

    Board Games of 2022

    In 2022 we finally had the chance again to bring together larger groups of friends for some board games. Therefore the board game highlights this year come in two flavours. First up are party games that are great for 4 people or more. They have fewer rules and were a hit with everyone regardless of…

  • Books of 2022

    Books of 2022

    It has become a tradition I look forward to every year to review my favourite (and less favourite) books of the year! You can find 2020 and 2021 on my blog as well. This year I have read 14 fiction books, 10 non-fiction, and 2 memoirs.  That’s a total of 8375 pages across 26 books!…

  • Isabella’s London

    Isabella’s London

    This London guide contains some tips and hints both for London novices and experts. Find out how to get around town, where to eat, and what to see! Make sure to check out the London Bingo at the end — can you get BINGO!? Public Transport in London Art & Museums Tourist Classics Nice Views…

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