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  • Isabella’s Edinburgh

    Isabella’s Edinburgh

    After living here for a while now, I want to share some insights on what to visit when you get the chance to do so! These are my favourite places in Edinburgh, I hope you have a good time here! What to see Old TownSo many things to see here! Take a stroll down Victoria […]

  • Improving Routines (Part 5)

    Improving Routines (Part 5)

    You decide you want to change something in your life. You might want to find a better system to keep track of your to-dos, reorganise your pantry, or streamline the process of a particularly boring task at work. How much time should you reasonably spend on improving your routines? Find out in this article, which […]

  • Loss Functions (Part 4)

    Loss Functions (Part 4)

    Let’s talk about loss functions. They are a rather abstract, yet extremely common, concept in machine learning. No neural network could work without a loss function. The whole discipline of Bayesian statistics wouldn’t really exist without them.  This is the fourth article of my Learning from Algorithms series. You can find the other parts here. […]

  • Optimisation (Part 3)

    Optimisation (Part 3)

    Today we explore the concept of optimisation and how it can, quite literally, make our lives a little better. After all, this is what optimisation is about, finding the “best” outcome possible, whatever “best” means in each situation. This is the third article in my “Learning from Algorithms” series. If you haven’t done so already, […]

  • Different Costs (Part 2)

    Different Costs (Part 2)

    This is the second part of my “Learning from Algorithms” series where we explore what we can learn from algorithms and how to apply this knowledge in our daily lives. You can find the first part on “Input and Output” here. Everything has a cost. Colloquially, this often means money. However, algorithms teach us that […]

  • Input/Output (Part 1)

    Input/Output (Part 1)

    Algorithms are everywhere. Usually, us humans teach them what to do and they learn what we prescribe. In this blog series I explore what we can learn from algorithms. I am certain that some of their structures and underlying principles are highly applicable to our daily lives. This is the first part of a weekly […]

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