Welcome to the Edinburgh Treasure Hunt

Follow Miss Y around the city to find the treasure! You can (and should) use all sources of knowledge available to figure out the clues. Yes, that includes anything you can google! The virtual treasure hunt is based in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, but you don’t need to know the city to solve it. While not all clues are completely related to the city, all locations referred to are in central Edinburgh!

The treasure hunt is free for everyone to play! You can also use it in an educational or training context if you wish to do so.

You can play alone, together, or against your friends. The hunt is meant to be challenging, so it is most suitable for adults. It takes between 45min and 1.5h to complete.

There are five clues. Each clue gives you one word. Click the button “Enter Password” and enter the word all lowercase. If you are correct, it will take you to the next clue. If your clue is not correct, you can try again as often as you want. 

The hunt is meant to be challenging, but if you seriously get suck, you can get a hint here for each clue!

If you want, use a stopwatch to track the time and compare yourself to others at the end of the game!

To start the game, click this button!

Note that the pictures are NOT related to the treasure hunt! If you have any comments, just get in touch via Twitter!