New and Old Projects

Want to do a virtual treasure hunt around Edinburgh? You have to solve five puzzles to get to the treasure! Play alone, with, or against your friends! Free for everyone.

In 2020 I co-founded The Piscopia Initiative. The Piscopia Initiative hosts both campus and online event to provide an environment for women and non-binary students to familiarise themselves with the PhD option, especially if they didn’t consider this track beforehand. In September 2020 we hosted the highly successful PiFORUM 2020, a 5 day online conference featuring an application boot camp, insights on different areas of maths, and mock PhD interviews.

Information (in German) about tutoring as well as the preparation course for the Psychology Entrance Exam (held in 2017) can be found here:

Old blog-posts (both German and English) about statistics are still available here but will not be updated anymore: