• Board Games of 2022

    Board Games of 2022

    In 2022 we finally had the chance again to bring together larger groups of friends for some board games. Therefore the board game highlights this year come in two flavours. First up are party games that are great for 4 people or more. They have fewer rules and were a hit with everyone regardless of […]

  • Board Games: Less than 1h

    Board Games: Less than 1h

    Today I am reviewing some of my new favourite board games that can be played in one hour or less (for two experienced players). While all of them are quick, each of them contains a satisfying amount of strategy. Nevertheless, they are all great entry level games as well!  You can find four others in […]

  • Lockdown Board Games Highlights

    Lockdown Board Games Highlights

    I love the kind of board games that present you with a wide variety of options, allowing you to try out loads of different strategies: the ones that make you go “Oh, or I could do that instead”, and not “Ah, I can’t do that either”.  The board games I listed here are all rather […]