• Books of 2022

    Books of 2022

    It has become a tradition I look forward to every year to review my favourite (and less favourite) books of the year! You can find 2020 and 2021 on my blog as well. This year I have read 14 fiction books, 10 non-fiction, and 2 memoirs.  That’s a total of 8375 pages across 26 books! […]

  • Books of 2021

    Books of 2021

    Another year, another book recap (click here for 2020)! Throughout 2021 I am proud that I managed to find time to read a diverse range of books. Altogether I read 9,480 pages across 32 books. 22 of these were non-fiction, ten fiction. The majority of books were written in English (28), four in German, my […]

  • Books of 2020

    Books of 2020

    This certainly was a year like no other. With all its few ups and many downs, at least it got me back into reading. I was an extremely avid reader during my childhood, but in recent times I only finished a handful of books each year. Luckily, this has drastically changed in 2020 and it […]